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Green Industry Challenge

Share your vision to #Connect2Decarbonise
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The Green Industry Challenge is an ideas competition to encourage, inspire, and discover innovative ideas to decarbonise industries through international cooperation in the renewable energy sector. The purpose is to develop policy- and technical based solutions to support the decarbonisation process of the global industry in a sustainable way. Let us make decarbonisation a reality in the energy sector – through renewable energy solutions.

The Green Industry Challenge calls for ideas on:
International cooperation in the energy sector, which strengthens the decarbonisation process of the world’s industries – with focus on renewable energy solutions (e.g. the areas renewable energy production, heating and cooling with renewables, green hydrogen, battery technology).

What’s in it for you:

  • Share your ideas and your vision on a global stage to a global audience at the next Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue on March 30 2022.
  • Professional support and guidance from the best: Winners will receive mentoring and great networking opportunities to help turn the winning idea into a reality.
  • Exposure plus verification: Idea finalists will be chosen by an international jury composed of diverse, high-level members of the energy industry.

Your idea should:

  • Be primarily based on international cooperation in energy
  • May be a work-in-progress or a newly developed idea
  • Identify an issue and provide a solution
  • Identify the required involved parties (countries, institutions, companies, communities, etc.)
  • Identify the relevant energy sectors, markets, technologies, economics, etc.
  • Be presented in the form of an initial 250 word abstract followed by a policy type paper of approximately 3,000 words.

Eligibility requirements:

  • The Green Industry Challenge is suited for young professionals who have studied, work in, or otherwise have a passion for the energy industry, renewable energies and global cooperation in the energy sector.
  • Participants may be part of a company, institution or other organisation.
  • Participants may apply and participate as an individual or a team.
  • Maximum 35 years old

All useful information about the Challenge can be found in a compact form in our PDF.

Ambassador / Jury

Francesco La Camera
Rosario B Casas
Thomas Koch Blank
Moritz Jungmann
Danijel Višević
Barbara Praetorius
Sebastian Helgenberger
Portrait of Francesco La Camera
Francesco La Camera Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Renewables are a key solution to decarbonise the industry, accelerated by innovations like green hydrogen and increasingly cost-competitive renewable electricity. Policies and technology evelopments are starting to move markets and investments. But we must move faster. Advancing renewable energy solutions in industry requires enhanced collaboration, first and foremost with the private sector and industry. Now more than ever is the time to develop new initiatives.

– Ambassador –

Portrait of Rosario B Casas
Rosario B Casas Co-Founder & CEO, XR Americas

– Jury Member –
Rosario is an award winning women-in-tech advocate and a Latina entrepreneur with over seven years of hands-on experience in data and technology-driven platforms & 20+ in Executive roles. Rosario is a Spatial Computing expert and developer and Co-Founder at XR Americas, BCPartners Tech, Brooklyn2Bogota Digital transformation community, Co-founding Member at Dreamers & Doers, plus more!

Portrait of Thomas Koch Blank
Thomas Koch Blank Senior Principal, Climate Aligned Industries, RMI

– Jury Member –
Thomas is an engineer by education, trained in operations and drilled in business acumen at McKinsey & Company. Prior to joining RMI, Thomas spent the majority of his professional career at McKinsey & Company, where he launched and built up the Sustainability Practice together with a small core leadership team, through entrepreneurial leadership and by spearheading new methodologies and developing expertise.

Portrait of Moritz Jungmann
Moritz Jungmann Principal, Future Energy Ventures

– Jury Member –
Moritz is a seasoned Investment Principle in the field of clean tech, smart city and industrial technology solutions and leads the collaboration interface at FEV with strategic limited partners. He holds board/observer seats at Tracks, Skenario Labs, Esmart Systems, Fractal, Holo-Light, Own Space and Getaway.

Portrait of Danijel Višević
Danijel Višević Founding Partner at World Fund

– Jury Member –
Danijel is Founding Partner at World Fund, the largest European Climate Tech VC. World Fund was initiated by Ecosia. The fund only invests in climate tech startups with a climate performance potential of saving at least 100Mt CO2e per year. Danijel is a recognized climate tech thought leader. Previously he worked for Project A, one of Europe’s most successful venture capitalists.

Portrait of Barbara Praetorius
Barbara Praetorius Economist and political scientist, HTW Berlin

To decarbonise industry is not only a heavyweight in the fight against the climate crisis. If we successfully implement it, it can also become an example for other sectors and a ray of hope for meeting the challenges of a climate-neutral world.

– Jury Member –
Barbara Praetorius is economist with a PhD in Political Science. She was as co-chair of the coal phase-out commission of the German government. Before joining HTW as professor, she was a deputy director of Agora Energiewende and, prior to this, she headed the Strategy division of the German Association of Local Public Utilities (VKU). Earlier she was a researcher at DIW Berlin for 16 years. Her focus is on on decarbonisation and policies for a just transition in Germany and abroad.

Portrait of Sebastian Helgenberger
Sebastian Helgenberger COBENEFITS project director, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam

Social and economic co-benefits of renewable energy solutions are key drivers of the global energy transition. In times of climate crisis we are building an opportunity narrative to inspire entrepreneurs, communities and governments to engage and enable leapfrogging towards zero-carbon economies.

– Jury Member –
Dr. Sebastian graduated in Environmental Sciences and received a PhD in socioeconomics for his work on the relevance of global warming on investment decisions in small and medium enterprises.

He is research group leader at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany and project director of the COBENEFITS project under Germany’s International Climate Initiative (IKI). With his team, Sebastian advises governments on maximizing the social and economic co-benefits of renewable energy for a just transition.

Timeline of the Green Industry Challenge

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