There will be a wide range of Energiewende events during the Berlin Energy Week.

Official Side Events

  • Energiewende-Guided Tours – Experience the Energy Transition in Practice

    The official BETD Energiewende-Guided Tours enable participants to visit and learn about innovative companies and change-makers at the very forefront of the energy transition.

    Each year, a range of onsite tours and virtual tour elements provide BETD guests, both in Berlin and online, the opportunity to meet company representatives, go within company grounds and learn about their technologies, projects, and solutions for the future of sustainable energy systems and a carbon neutral society. To learn more about the BETD Energiewende Tours and participating companies and projects, visit the interactive Energiewende Tours Map.

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  • Business-to-Government Dialogues – Forum with the German Industry

    Together with country partners, dena organises Business-to-Government Dialogues to provide an exclusive forum to build lasting professional relationships. The B2G Dialogues enable exchange between the German energy industry and high-ranking government representatives of the respective countries. Entrepreneurs can find out more about the current legal and economic conditions of the country in a direct dialogue.

    INDIA | Monday, 27 March, 6:30-8:30pm | Find the full agenda here
    URUGUAY | Wednesday, 29 March, 6:00-8:00pm | Find the full agenda here
    UKRAINE | Wednesday, 29 March, 6:00-7:30pm

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  • Cooperation Dialogues – Forum for Energy and Climate Partnerships

    This year we offer a new international exchange format. The Cooperation Dialogues are networking events consisting of representatives from countries with which Germany has bilateral partnerships on energy transition and climate protection or in which such partnerships are planned.

    Three event formats will take place as Cooperation Dialogues:

    Regional Perspectives will focus different strategies and challenges in dealing with current key issues of the green transformation in selected regions. This time the spotlights are on „Latin America“ and „South-East Asia“.

    Country Show Cases provide an exchange of experiences on current key topics of the energy transition, which will be of growing importance in international energy cooperation. The Country Show Cases  focus on Australia’s experience and plans in developing storage solutions, Israel’s experience with digitalization, and specifically with strengthening cybersecurity in the energy sector, Ukraine’s experience with implementing resilient decentralised energy supply solutions, South Africa’s potential and experiences in producing green hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells.

    At the Partnership Forum representatives of bilateral and multilateral partnership formats can inform about their projects at information booths. Participants of the Cooperation Dialogue will have the opportunity to exchange information and get to know each other over lunch.

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  • National Energy Sector Outreach (ESO)

    The Energy Sector Outreach programme enables an extended range of German energy industry actors, associations, and their partners to get involved in the BETD – by hosting and joining partner side events. The Energy Sector Outreach side events cover a range of topics, such as decarbonising industry, global coal phase-out, flexibility and capacity adequacy, education for energy transition, energy security and diversification, and more.

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